Hologram lets you take real 3D pictures using your smartphone camera. Hologram takes two pictures in rapid succession: one with flash, and one without flash. We analyze the differences between these pictures and render a 3D scene from your picture.


Hologram is coming soon to the App Store. In the meantime, take a look at a 3D photo we took using Hologram. (note: Hologram requires WebGL. For best results, view with Google Chrome.)


Hologram was built at HackPSU by these guys:


Ishaan Gulrajani is a hacker, CS freshman at MIT, founder of Cramberry, and hackathon organizer. Coding since 7; startups since 14. Obsessed with making things that change the way people live.


Zain Shah is a computational neuroscientist at the Center for Neural Basis of Cognition, Neuroscience sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, avid hacker, aspiring entrepreneur and genuine nerd.